At Gateways Dental Centre in Cockburn we will examine your need for, or your pre-existing root canal to determine the right treatment option for you. We treat all our patients as family; with honesty, respect, compassion and care.

The purpose of root canal treatment, also known as endodontics, is to save a tooth otherwise badly damaged by decay, disease or injury. There are many benefits to keeping your tooth rather than extracting it and finding a substitute. It is easier to clean and maintain your own teeth and they will generally function better than any replacement.

The nerve (or pulp) inside the tooth may become inflamed or infected, leading to some of the following symptoms – sensitivity to hot and cold, tenderness when biting, aching and throbbing. In these cases, the nerve will not repair itself and requires some intervention if the tooth is to be kept.

Root canal therapy can be quite different from tooth to tooth and from person to person depending on the initial state at presentation. However, broadly speaking three or four appointments may be required. Initially all old filling materials are removed, the broken-down nerve and any infection is cleaned out and the tooth is assessed for suitability of treatment.

Assuming it is ok to proceed then a sedative medicaments (dressing) is applied in the canal or canals and a temporary restoration is placed. Occasionally more than one sedative dressing is required. At the next visit the canal system is filed and shaped with specialised instruments. At the final visit a rubber compound is placed into the prepared canals to provide a seal. At the completion of root canal treatment, it may be advisable to have the tooth restored with a crown to ensure longevity.

In some instances, a root canal procedure may not be possible (in such cases as a severely broken down tooth, a crack through the tooth, poor periodontal health) and extraction will be required.

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